For Caroline

There’s a lot of media and gossip now surrounding the story of Caroline Flack and this post may cause some potential conflict but I am going to continue anyway.

When I saw the news Caroline Flack had died the headline simply read “Caroline Flack has died” that was it, no further information (the usual as my BBC app notifies me at the exact moment the story breaks). It took my probably 0.5 seconds to say to myself “she’s killed herself”. I don’t think my eyes have ever welled up over a celebrity death before but realising what had happened filled me with so many emotions I can’t begin to describe. Was I a great follower of Flack? Honestly no not at all, I didn’t even follow her on any of my social media channels. I was however fully aware of the news stories swarming around her as of late.

Now I will say that I cannot condone what she did to her boyfriend but what I can say is she quite obviously wasn’t acting out of a balanced state of mind and I think her boyfriend fully knew that which is why through the prosecution journey he stood by her. We cannot blame him for calling the police he needed help and I’m sure he was scared in that moment where she ultimately lost control but do I think he intended for what followed to happen? Not at all.

It seems people forget anger and violence come from somewhere and for someone who in the public eye promotes love and happiness it was quite clear to see there must have been something very wrong for her to act in such a way. It honestly fills me with pain to know that she felt the only way out from all of this was to end her life, she lost everything in one moment because she couldn’t control how she was feeling.

The question we have to ask here is where was her help? Why was she in such a dark place to take her life and attack someone she quite clearly loved dearly? I’m not going to point a finger nor am I going to say her life was harder than anybody else’s because we all have hardship but what most of us often don’t have is the help to support us. I suffer from anxiety, I have had some horrible moments of depression and honestly some very dark points in my life and I know how easy it is to feel alone and how easy it is to feel there is only one way out. I’m lucky enough to have a support network around me and have personally improved with my own struggles significantly in the past year.

However, people struggle… everyday.

The social media message currently floating around is to be kind and I think it is something that we can all follow. If Caroline was lucky enough to have had the support there that she needed in the first place she would still be alive today. Do one thing today look around you because I’m sure we all know someone struggling but with social conformity surrounding us these people often feel too afraid to speak up, they don’t know how to find help but believe me they will exhibit signs of needing your help. HELP THEM.

Mental Health is a real issue that we are only just getting to grips with as a Society.

For Society, accepting that mental health problems exist has been a long journey we still are yet to complete and though proper channels of medical care may still be poor; we as a Society can build a place of comfort where people suffering around us feel safe to show us how they truly feel and get the support they need. We don’t always need professional help sometimes we just need someone to be a friend, to tell us we are doing a good job or to tell us our dreams are attainable.

Be that person.

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