Feeling Good About You

Many features focus on the strive for people who are overweight to feel good about their bodies and what they feel. They themselves can even become prejudice to that smaller skinny friend/person who also doesn’t feel good about their body.

I recently shared a photo that was taken of me and it was the first time I felt good about the way my body looked. I am not overweight, but neither am I toned. I have for many years felt a lot of dissatisfaction with my body and many people hearing this reply with “there is nothing with your body, look at you, you’re skinny and a normal weight”. These people are those who have slight naivety to their own words and don’t understand how people with a skinny body can be unhappy.

I struggle with feeling fat myself and no thats not some silly childish comment because I am well you know “skinny” it is a definite feeling I have because I am unhappy with how my body is. The thing is, joined with that is a significant anxiety level. I would love to have abs and be able to feel confident taking my top off but the simple fact is places such as gyms actually give me anxiety. I find it near on impossible to feel comfortable in a gym unless I am the only person in there. Just throwing one extra person in there and I will stick to the machine I think is easiest for me and I won’t get judged on.

So why am I writing this? In short to raise awareness for those who suffer from the feeling their bodies aren’t what they want – Body dysmorphia. Yes it has a name. That can literally be anything, you can be underweight, overweight or a normal weight. We shouldn’t judge those who feel unhappy with something we would feel comfortable with because that dissatisfaction is personal choice. Now yes sometimes mental health can take these to an extreme and for those times we should all be mindful, there to support those people and help them feel comfortable being themselves without allowing them to go to extreme measures. While working for a company that talks about family and inclusivity of all, I have felt really connected with delivering that message.

The next time your friend makes a comment that they’re unhappy with something about themselves take a minute to listen to why they feel that and then do what you can to help them with that.


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