Hidden Figures

In every life there are hidden figures and unexpected occurrences, people can walk in and out of your life. The way I look at life is like it is a book. There are many chapters. Some chapters have characters you only see there and others feature all the characters. Chapters are different lengths and have different meanings.

However saying that, main characters aren’t always introduced in chapter one, they can come in the middle of the book. Life is about recognising who wont be in the next chapter and who will be. One thing I see to be common is that some characters do return though when we think they’re gone for good and quite frankly sometimes we wish they wouldn’t feature again but the author has a different idea.

So back to the title what am I trying to say here? I like to think of hidden figures to be the people you don’t always realise are there for you and are in fact the back bone to success. When I look back at everyone I have met quite frankly I am shocked at the people who mean so much to me. I have been surprised by the people I didn’t realise were actually such amazing friends, at the same time I’m not surprised at some of the people who I have always known to be amazing friends.

I think that sometimes we miss the people who are around us. We take for granted those that we have close and then when we are apart we actually realise how much they did for us. I have been brought up to never burn bridges and to be quite honest before university I wouldn’t just burn the bridge, I would blow it up. However now I wouldn’t dream of burning a bridge, I choose to be thankful for those around me whoever they are and always remember that you never know when you may really need that person you didn’t initially like. It is more than that though people do change and there were plenty of people I have hated yesterday and love today.

Life is too short to have major drama, drama is tiring as much as it is exciting. Just some words for thought, be your own author.

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