Tribute to the Tribune

So why don’t we just take a trip to that Rome city break I mentioned previously and get down to the hotel because we all know I love a good hotel review. I know you all love to hear what I have to say about these hotels as well.

So where did I stay? Well after trawling through all the drab and seemingly grotesque I stumbled upon a hotel chain called Mag Hotels. Well there I found the Tribune. Suddenly my eyes locked to the screen as I sat in amazement to find a hotel which didn’t make me imagine a rat crawling across my face while I slept.

Well we arrived and were greeted by their extremely friendly staff in their beautiful lobby lounge.

Then we were told that not only would our room be available 4 hours early but that we had also been upgraded. I was already thinking this vacation will be a success. Golden rule – with a perfect a hotel,  you always have somewhere to go should all else fail.

So the room… first floor, average view. Thats the only bad point I have to make on the whole experience.

The room was in fact rather large, the floor was actually tiled using black modern contemporary styles which mimicked wood. The bed large, comfortable and excellent throw pillows. The mini bar, free for the first day! Yes a free mini bar on the first day, I know what you’re thinking Bullsh@t but no I am being serious. It was exploited. The bathroom was beautiful, I love a pretty bathroom in a hotel I really feel it can bring the whole room together. After all some of us spend a lot of time in there, you know doing our erm make up… or brushing those teeth…

What else did the Tribune have to offer, a roof top gym and bar with views across to the Vatican. Yes this small no name hotel has all of this going for it. This was unexpected I have to say but most impressive.

The breakfast, ok I have negative things to say. The pastry selection was perfect, they were actually scrumptious. However the hot food the standards european sausage and scrambled egg. Readers answer me this, how is it possible to get scrambled egg so wrong that tabasco sauce by the bottle and pepper by the heap couldn’t fix?! I honestly do not understand this but I guess you can’t get everything right even if I do expect it.

Now an added feature in the room was a mobile phone complete with unlimited data, texts and calls. Not a sub standard phone either, a rather good android smart phone. This phone was a gift from god. I could map my way through Rome, google everything I needed and not use a megabyte of my personal data. I can’t describe how much I actually loved this feature.

Check out, smooth until my friend opens her case in the lobby lounge area to quickly changes a t-shirt and the hotel manager explains it must be close immediately or they could get in trouble with the police. Now I googled this and well I found no record of such a regulation so I was unimpressed and actually annoyed with the way I was spoken too. Thankfully for him his staff don’t reflect him in this way.

All in all I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely impressed the whole five days and I would definitely stay again and urge anyone going to Rome to pick this hotel.


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