When in Roma

Roma with snow…

Who would’ve thought it?! I for one was expecting temperatures above that of the U.K./ but instead was faced with nights dropping to -7 Degrees Celsius. Yippee. An absolutely thrilling start to a birthday trip with my best friend. Well that was not going to phase me unlike the locals who seemed amazed to see this snow I remembered I am British, which means “we carry on”.

So while Rome came to a stand still, I slipped on my long johns and fifty layers of clothing (all of which spring wear) and hit apple maps up for the Roman Colosseum. A casual trek in black ice while wearing my Stan Smiths. Well I got there, I stood and though is this what Robert Scott felt like when he made it to the south pole. Answer, yes absolutely.

Well what was the prize I got for venturing all this way? It was shut. The Roman Colosseum was shut. Now I don’t know about you but I didn’t even think that would be a possibility? In fact every historical landmark was shut that day because that is what historical landmarks do when they are faced with some snow. So what now? A trek past all the historical sites to take pictures next to them and create the illusion to all my followers that I actually went inside? Yes absolutely, top first class plan right there.

Well I prevailed. Next on the list was to visit some of the amazing churches in Rome and I don’t even mean the Vatican. Take the Santa Maria del Polpo, (featured in the film Angels and Demons) it has the most amazing art work upon its walls. The murals are truly beautiful works of art one doesn’t see often in their local church.

Then you have landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain. Well I was blown away but then I had to walk past it everyday for five days and the novelty wore off. However I did stumble upon a divine Gelato store just next to it and it is safe to say that Italian gelato is in fact incredible. I will never settle for normal ice cream again.


Vatican City well its beautiful it really is and St. Peter’s Basilica was amazing but I would be lying to you all if I said I would actually stand in that queue again and I went in low season. I dread to think what the queue times are like in summer and this is coming from a brit. We all know the English are world renowned for queueing in an orderly fashion so this is saying something. In fact I decided not to pay for entry into the Vatican museums and instead to head back to the hotel in since it was about an hour walking time from the hotel.

I did stop for some final moments to look at some more landmarks on the way. The Piazza del Polpo to be precise before talking a stroll through Villa Borghese to reach the hotel.

Now the ending. It turns out after the snow hit Italy it headed for home so flights and airport delays were about to get real. Now as luck would have it my flight home to Gatwick was of course delayed which meant I missed my train back to London and it was the last train that night. So, I had to take a coach… a coach an actual coach. I broke up with an ex partially owing to their love for coaches so I was less than impressed to be having to make the coach trip. Fortunately there was an early spot I could get off from and change to an Uber the rest of the way.

All in all I am so glad I went to Rome. There shall be another post soon about the hotel because what a cracker me and my best friend discovered for our sub zero city break

Rome you have my 5 stars


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