Leaving London

London, three years of my life that suddenly came to an end.

When I first found out I was actually going to London for University I had so many emotions swirling around in my head, anxiety, excitement, despair. Moving away from home is hard and it is even harder when you move to somewhere with nobody around you. I was fortunate enough to have my best friend studying just outside of London so we could always spend time together and actually in the final year we lived together. However the start of my experience wasn’t anything exciting, in fact it brought me to the brink of dropping out and waving goodbye to the big city. I worked around 40 hours a week, studied full time and didn’t seem to connect with anyone.

Well that changed. I loved, I fell out of love, I met some amazing people and made some life long bonds. I ended up having the best experience of my life so far and quite honestly hungry for more. Three years ago I never thought I would miss London and now I have left I miss everything and everyone. I miss the convenience of the disgusting tube, my favourite place for cheap cocktails (Zebrano), my favourite place to grab a coffee (Café Frei), my favourite place for lunch (Mother Mash).

I think what I miss most of all though, is the people. I made some best friends, dated a lot of people, some of whom I now love as close friends. It is amazing to me to think of the things that we gain in life when we get thrown into the deep end and have to fight for our own survival. Believe me when I say I was very much drowning for the first sixth months.

What I would say is London is the most inspiring place I have ever lived and now being away from it I would say I can feel my inspiration starting to decline, something extremely worrying to me. London allowed me for the first time to be me. I could do what I want, wear what I want and be who I wanted to be. Just last week my mother even told me I couldn’t wear one of my signature jazzy shirts to the Durham Champagne bar because it was too ‘London’. Imagine, fashion you can only wear in certain places… I think that really helps to rationalise how incredible the city is and what you can achieve there. It is a city that really allows you to put yourself first and go on a journey of self discovery.

Cheesy I know, I apologise this post doesn’t offer much in the way of my usual satirical humour but I felt it important to offer this decisive scripture to those of you who perhaps have some anxiety of making such a move in your life. London for me is somewhere that will always offer the same excitement every time I step foot in it.

London I shall see you soon but for now just know you were amazing and you helped me find those like minded people to bring everything I needed into my life.

On a side note – Thank you to the person who motivated me to get back to writing my blog posts and telling me to go out there and get what I want in life.


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