London Lumiere

The thing everybody is currently talking about and instagramming. It’s like a fashion trend everybody is wearing it; wearing it as their Instagram story that is. I mean it is a pretty spectacular sight to see and allows one to take away from it what they will. I still remember my first Lumiere two years ago and like a fire it’s grown over time, each year providing new exciting spectacles to excite the Londoner and take them away from those winter blues.

What were the highlights for me this year? Well one would be Entre Les Rangs, a creation of Kanva, it pays homage to fields of wheat that shimmer in the wind as the seasons pass. It was produced with the assistance of Quartier des Specatcles Partnership. Somehow for me it was more attributed to scenes from Wizard Of Oz, I felt more like I was following a yellow brick road to a man behind a curtain. Alas that was not the case, but hey imagination takes hold.

Another personal highlight would be Waterlicht. It’s the one you may all have seen which somewhat resembles being in a nightclub with blue waving lights and lots of smoke. But for the artist it was expressing the power and poetry of water within urban lives. It uses the latest LED technology to simulate a flood level event. It shows the viewer the potential height of flooding should we fail to control our climate. Perhaps President Trump should have payed a visit to it, it might have been more convincing than his seemingly short sighted Presedential Aids on the issue that is climate change. Well done Daan Roosegaarde for the highly thought provoking work of art.

I must also pay tribute to DOT. Philippe Morvan of France brought us the enormous bank of lightbulbs you might have seen hundreds of people stand in front of trying to get the perfect candid photo for the gram. The 175 bulbs respond to a soundtrack to show a panorama spheres, cubes and vertical and horizontal lines. It looked far superior in person than on the photos I have to say.

All in all a very interesting display this year. What’s more interesting though was to find out the inspiration behind all of these works of art. Clearly some have powerful messages to send. But did we all receive them? Probably, not. But hopefully we will in time as people get talking.


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