Global Coffee Addiction

London is one of my favourite places to find the most random one off places. Last year while wondering a new route from home to the tube station in Aldgate I found a new coffee house. I wondered past this coffee house reading the many locations on the outside, London, Paris, Dubai but never taking that moment to actually walk through the door. But then one day I did and BAM!

Café Frei stole my heart, I had just entered coffee heaven (I’m totally addicted to caffeine). Upon entering the first thing I noticed were the giant maps on the wall depicting different countries and continents. My eyes wondered the different coffee options on display, they were advertising everything from a flat white to a Botswana Missionary Coffee. I mean what even is a Botswana Missionary Coffee?! You can bet your ass I was ready to find out.

Over the coming months it was somewhere I would arrange to meet friends just so I could have an excuse to try another of their delicious coffees. Where would my taste buds be taken next? Would I enjoy the drink or hate it? Well from all that I’ve tried I am yet to actually hate any of them but there are a fair few and since I now live much farther afield I am still going through the menu. It’s like a sick game, every time I get close to this finish line, BOOM another map and another experience gets added to the offering.

The Botswana Missionary Coffee is in fact a cold coffee and a fairly sweet one at that. So if you like your coffee cold and sweet then this is the one for you and one that is always good for those summer days when they come. Another one to try with that though might be the Kyoto Plum Cream Coffee. Again cold with a cinnamon blend but also with frozen Japanese plum pulp which is what cools the coffee down. It’s a particular winter favourite that you’re sure to find on the streets of Tokyo around the Christmas period.

Prehaps though you want something a bit more traditional. Arabic Coffee is cooked in copper pots and traditionally brewed over three hours in a clay pot. Fortunately it’s much faster for us today. My favourite is an Armenian Orange Coffee, it’s a strong, thick, sweet coffee like the liqueurs made on Mount Ararat.

Its amazing what you can find in the city if you just take a little chance and walk into a random establishment. Honestly though, if you want to try some truly international coffee then check out Café Frei and experience what they have to offer. I promise you won’t regret it… well maybe you will, it depends if the one you pick isn’t really your cup of tea. Go back and try again though, pick a different region, I do promise that you’ll find something you like.

Café Frei Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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