Moving on, Finding You

In light of my recent post where I mentioned the recent events that saw me have a difficult holiday season I have decided to go a little different and write something based around the theme of LOVE. Yes love… probably not something expected from me when most of my posts are critical reviews of well known establishments to a hardened sitrical level. But here I am going to express love in a different way. Expression and Understanding.

Love is a very hard topic to understand. What is it, how does it work, do you feel it? The answer is we all know love in some form or another; mostly through the love of family, friends or in my case a good bottle of red. But what most of us find hard is the loving of ourselves and the loving of another in a romantic way.

The one thing I have learnt over the years is that just like in The Holiday love can be unrequited, it can be blind and it can be cruel. Sometimes we think we are in love when we are not. Sometimes we let false love control our lives. What we must remember is real love isn’t forced, I personally believe it can only be achieved when you have learnt how to love yourself first.

My most recent relationship (I say recent, it ended way back at the beginning of Q2 2017 for those of us with the business my mind) was probably the most pivotal in my life. It was one that taught me what false love is and what it’s like to not love yourself and try or pretend to love another. It was one however that taught me how to love myself. By the end of it I had a moment of complete clarity to my life and came out of the other side understanding me. I understood what I want rather than trying to cater to what someone else wants or trying to make love happen for, shall we say the “thrill of it”… The thrill passes quickly when its false.

Something it also taught me though, is the understanding that we all express love in a different way and Hollywood films really aren’t the real world we all dream about. Expression is personal and something we would all do well to understand to experience the best of what we want in life.

But why am I talking about this? Well the endings. Love doesn’t always end but sometimes it does and when it does we are left thinking why? Well communication is often key and sometimes we forget how others communicate. Im not just talking about love through relationships fortunately im not that “mushy”. I’m talking about friendships, family, even the love for your job. I’ve seen so many loves die this year, the love between best friends, the love between work colleagues and the love between family and partners. Just remember what love you’re feeling, how you express it and how they express it.

For this coming year I’ve understood a lot about all of this and I think I’ve found me and in turn I’ve found the love for my future. My future career, my friends and family that I’m taking into the future. I’ve understood what love each is and how it works because losing a love no matter what it is, for person or not is a hard thing to let go of. Knowing yourself and how you communicate might just see you have the best years of your life in all areas.

I hope this post’s photo edit inspires you to keep moving forward and to keep winging it into tomorrow.

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