Royal or Not

A few months ago I made my usual summer trip to the ever extravagant Dubai. Though this year I thought I would return to a different Hotel I had not visited in some seven years. The Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa. But did this hotel justify having the word Royal in its name?

Upon arrival one was greeted with a selection of cool beverages in an opulent Swedish inspired lobby. The Check-in staff were very welcoming and had us checked in swiftly. Further more, having arrived to the hotel at 9am it was to my surprise that our room was ready. When rooms are ready early it does worry me as to why they aren’t filling the rooms sufficiently during the summer season when many Europeans flock to the sun.


Upon entering the room all seemed fine; again the Swedish interior design flowed into the rooms. However, one thing one does not expect to see is a disgusting white bin covered in stains staring at them from the desk. White, who in the world thought it would be a brilliant idea to have a white bin. Hello, stains! But it got worse, moving to the coffee area, stains everywhere, all over the marble finishings. Proceeding into the bathroom, the previous occupants hair shavings and makeup were all around the sink, the dishes and the towels not properly aligned in the centre. Where is the cleanliness and attention to detail? I sent a swift email to the hotel with some photos explaining my horrors and left for the pool.

Poolside I saw a bit of a change, a good atmosphere, comfortable sun loungers and a pool bar. A good start. Though it became apparent through the stay that it was hard to get service around the pool, the staff were all over the place. Staff zoning would be more appropriate so everyone is served quickly.

While at the pool on the first day however suddenly I see a man in a suit walking towards me. Eddy. Eddy was a front desk service manager. He was diligent and very apologetic for my experience and informed me I had been moved to a suite to ensure a continued comfortable stay at the hotel.

The suite was designed well, a lounge area, dining area, separate bedroom space and clean white bathroom. But probably the best feature was the massive dressing area/walk-in wardrobe hidden in a space behind the bed. I found this to be a wonderful touch and really helped create a high standard of room.

The hotel hosts a number of restaurants some better than others. Zengo an Asian restaurant and Maya a Mexican are in my opinion the most satisfying of the collection. Both offered great food, lively atmosphere and great service making for an enjoyable dining experience.


During my stay I met many of the staff and experienced what they had to offer. Some more than others. At the end of my stay a car was arranged to take me back to Dubai international, curtesy of Eddy. What I have to say about this hotel is that without some of the staff, most importantly Eddy, my stay would have been very different. Eddy clearly understands five star service and how to deliver such an experience. I could not fault him in any way throughout my stay.

But does this Hotel justify the word Royal in its name? Yes it does, I wouldn’t say it was the King or Queen but it’s definitely a member of the Royal family. What the Le Royal Meridien needs to learn however, is that you can have a shiny new hotel but it is the people that make the hotel also. At the end of the day bad service will destroy any impressions a guest has of the hotel even if the loo is gold plated. Equally so a hideous hotel with fabulous staff would also have it’s guests running for the hills. The two must go hand in hand.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Hotel Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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