An Icon In Birmingham

Just recently I witnessed an icon remind us all that today’s pop bands, and solo artists have nothing on her. Céline Dion without a doubt out performed artists like Katy Perry or Justin Beiber the youth of today seems to go crazy over. Her vocal power is something you can only understand when you’ve witnessed her live.

I won’t bore you with the history or background of her career because well the woman is as I said an icon. So you should know who she is and if you don’t then you need to crawl right out of that cave you’re in now, which somehow has wifi (because how else are you reading this) and go and get yourself a full Célineucation.

The show itself was at Birmingham Barclaycard arena (an article will follow about the Birmingham experience and boutique hotel I stayed in whilst there). The arena is fairly big and she was definitely a sell out. I managed to get some floor seats in block G now although it was near the back the view was perfect and the big screens also complimented this so you could see her wonderful facial expressions (no im not being sarcastic for once this women is literally hilarious… in a good way). Of course I would liked to have been at the front but the tickets I had were already in the hundreds and I’m not a die hard fan so wasn’t going to paying the huge premiums associated with the seats down at the front.

She had a wonderful French Canadian vocal impressionist open the show with a Sia’s Chandelier and many people were screaming “its Sia!”… erm no, read up on who is the opening act prior to the show please. I mean have they never been to a concert before?!.

Anyway her fist act was amazing, all the favourites were there, Alive, Drive all night, Alone. Her second act although vocally amazing wasn’t as amazing she brought out some MJ songs and some Queen. Although she sang amazingly I was left thinking you have other great hits we know you for so next time please sing them, for example to love you more was not sang and that is in my opinion one of her great songs I enjoy.

But the ending was where she really pulled it back. Of course she came on and sang my heart will go on. It was amazing. Most people don’t know that when she originally recorded the song for the titanic she went into the recording studio and sang it once. The producers thought it was that amazing she didn’t have to do any reruns. Normally artists record a song multiple times and they’re layered over each other to get the perfect version but not Céline!

But then to top it off she came out from the stage and into the audience right by the tech team (where I happened to be seated) and got on a podium and sang a final beautiful Freddie Mercury song before exiting the arena just by me.


I couldn’t say anything other than she was so captivating and to see her was an experience I shall not be forgetting any time soon.

Also a Happy Birthday to my best friend for whom I arranged the trip for to celebrate her new age.

Céline Dion Birmingham Concert Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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