BVI Cruising

BVI aka the British Virgin Islands. Now I’m all about hopping on a boat and cruising around to my hearts content but I could’ve done with being directed to the free wifi because I really felt like I had been plonked in a technology blackhole.

Well, I’m kidding. You don’t need to be using wifi if you’re doing this vacation right. Island hoping, strong rum and good music. What more could you want, right…? Well maybe not to shower with lizards but that’s another story.

For me my journey began late in the evening arriving at my boat on Virgin Gorda all moored up and ready to set sail at first light. First stop? Cooper Island. Now this is a very small island with a single hotel complex, well I say complex… we aren’t talking a Madinat Jumeirah complex. More a small island with a beach, restaurant, bar and some wonderful hotel rooms. Oh yeah it even has a shop! You know the hotel is gonna be good when they have a shop right? That or they’re trying to distract you from the obscenities of the hotel. But no Cooper Island makes you feel like you’re lost in a mysterious world. You don’t need to splash out on the Maldives for the lost island experience. The food there was amazing and the rooms well just wonderful. Nothing ever the top, no gold plated toilet roll holders like the Burj, yet they were simply bliss.

Now sailing on I hit up Soper’s Hole on the west side of Tortola (BVI’s main Island). Now I don’t know what they do to their rum but it was lethal. Now I’m not meaning I was swaying like dingy in a storm back to my boat, It actually gave me some sort of stabbing sensation in my stomach. So as much as I love a good painkiller (the cocktail not the tablet) I had to go a few days amiss.


Now pushing on, I found myself across the way at Jost Van Dyke. In particular a bar called Soggy Dollar and well it felt like I was in the film cocktail, loads of boats with anchors in the sand and 100’s of 20 something year old’s partying the day away with great weather and great cocktails. Im literally not finding anything wrong with this place, maybe its THE destination?!


But finally an experience to match no other. Back on Virgin Gorda is the Baths. No I’m not talking about turkish baths, nor am I talking about a random line of baths just sat there for sale. The Baths are a natural phenomenon of rocks which have formed caves with pools of ocean water around them. It felt like a true adventure crawling through all the spaces and finding new little corridors between the rocks. I literally felt like a child who in his head had just discovered a lost prehistoric world! Something you should never miss.

But in the end its time to come home. Well that’s if Liat airlines manages to both locate their aircraft and depart on time. Side note, they never depart on time and usually don’t know where your plane is until they can see it on the ground. It could be on any island in the caribbean, so good luck getting home!


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