The Wave Of Luxury

imageA hotel shaped like a wave? How does that not already grab your attention when you’re looking through the travel brochures for your next vacation. Well this building has significant factors that make it such an amazing stay. The Jumeriah Beach Hotel is no new complex in fact its been there for 20 years. 1997… you wouldn’t think that when looking at it. When you first walk in you’re greeted by a large atrium and if you cast your eyes up and look to the right you can travel from Earth to the Sun on the 25th floor. An interesting artistic concept which after all these years still grabs my attention.

So facilities, as a Club Executive guest you’re invited to take breakfast and happy hour in their lounge on the 24th floor. The lounge has amazing views out to the gulf and topping that, it gives you a great photo opportunity for the Burj Al Arab. However the lounge is dated and after all these years is in a dire need for a remodel. JBH Manager please take note.

imageHowever their updated rooms (not all the rooms have been updated as of yet) offer a chic modern feel, from electric lights and window curtains to large modern yet functional bathrooms. The one thing I can say for Jumeirah is no matter which hotel you’re in the bed is always big and is extremely comfortable offering any guest a wonderful nights sleep.

For breakfast there are a few options, however I personally prefer to go to the beachcombers restaurant. It offers a large breakfast selection with dishes from all around the globe offering a true reflection of the cosmopolitan city Dubai is. I always find something interesting and something familiar to indulge in before I start my day of lounging by the pool.

The pools at the hotel are very family orientated whether that be in the main pool or in the club executive pool. Though if you’re a club exec member its probably more beneficial to use that pool as you get extra free amenities like free bottled water, these aren’t offered by the main communal pool… You still have that all important swim up bar, but the pool itself is a bit more of a tropical layout with a sense of adventure about it compared to the others.

For dinner being in a Jumeirah hotel your choices are somewhat crazy, over 40 restaurants to choose form across the hotel resort. Whether that be the indian in JBH the Chinese in the Mina A Salam or the Italian in the Al Qasr hotel. Each of the restaurants offers fine cuisine however I found that there is often different service standards between the restaurants which isn’t something you’d expect. I think a bit of service standardisation needs to take place to make sure they’re all performing in the same way.

However overall you can’t really fault the hotel staff. The Hotel general manager at the time of my stay Mahmoud Sakr was an incredible man, a dedication to delivering customer service and an asset to the Jumeirah Company. I have been under his watch as a guest many times in the past. I would just like to wish him well in his recent promotion but I think the reasons for his promotion are very evident.

But there is one member of staff at this hotel that remembers me as a young boy all those  14 years ago. Sreedhar. Now this man is known I think by all guests that pass through the doors of the JBH. He provides a service level to all customers that in all my years, I have never found in any other establishment around the world. This man makes every guest he engages with feel so valued. I think it is safe to say he is loved by all guests. It may sound soppy but when I think of JBH I don’t think of the wavelike shape of the building. I think “ahh yes the place where Sreedhar works”. The man is truly an icon for the Hotel.

But I must say one thing, the hotel has seemed to fail in some areas, the premium leisure area for afternoon tea? It was difficult to find a seat and when you’re a premium customer its not logical for you to assume you would have to stand in line and queue to get your afternoon tea selection. Either use a bigger lounge or limit the amount of customers booked in. It was quite obviously overbooked and that made for a rowdy and very dissatisfying atmosphere. Further to that, modernisation needs to happen. JBH is a great hotel but its age is starting to show internally.

Overall, I’d have to say I was left somewhat disappointed by the feel of the hotel. I felt in some ways its spark had gone.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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