A Night In the Burj 

Recently on a trip to Dubai I found myself having a night of pure luxury staying in the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab. The building boasts 202 Suites and 9 world class bars and restaurants across 28 double-story floors. It also comprises of a spa, five swimming pools, gym and kids club. All of which is contained on its own personal manmade island.

Below is just a snapshot looking up the interior of the Burj from the ninth floor. From the lobby you can view a magnificent rainbow of colour traveling upwards (the King himself did this). He decided the original all white interior was opposing the luxury experience he was endeavouring to create.


Upon arrival I was greeted by a wonderful member of staff who offered me water and hand towels before taking me up to the ninth floor where my suite would be. Once there I was also introduced to our floor’s Butler (the Butlers are on call 24 hours to bring you anything you need). Then I walked into my suite…

Well where do I even begin?! Sheer opulence and Arabian influence has never been delivered to my eyes before in such a subtle yet chic way. Ones eyes are shifting constantly left and right, up and down, just trying to take in the sheer magnitude of the luxury which has been presented before you. So after a full five minutes of speechlessness while the lady told me all of the features of the room in a voice which my mind had muted and shifted into the background. I had finally come to terms with where I was and what was mine for the night.

I guess I shall start with the entrance. A large door (which is probably bigger than any front door anyone has at home) leads into a spacious marble lobby with a grand living room with a floor to ceiling window in front you. A sweeping blue and gold staircase to the right and a downstairs toilet to the left (yes that’s right my hotel room had a DOWNSTAIRS toilet).

Moving into the living room there is a desk complete with an IMac and a large flatscreen tv housed in a gold plated cylinder. There is also a small bar area and coffee machine hidden in the wall. The living room comes complete with a large upholstered sofa and chaise lounge (both of which were rather comfy). Moving upstairs you first hit a his and hers dressing room complete with gold plated hairdryer on the dressing table (slightly excessive but oh well, when else can you say you’ve used a gold plated hairdryer). Turning left you walk into the upstairs bathroom. Well. It’s roughly the size of most people’s rooms. Covered in mosaic tiles, it gives you a his and her sink, a round jacuzzi bathtub, large shower, toilet, bidet and even a leather upholstered seating area!

Turning right at the top of the stairs is where the magic happens. You’ve just entered the bedroom. A huge and may I say comfortable bed if to your right while to your left is a further furnished seating area. But in front of you is again a floor to ceiling window stretching the entire length of the wall with a view out to the main Dubai skyline. The curtains themselves were all electronically operated by a keyboard remote. But my favourite feature of all was the large mirror above the bed which its safe to say many couples will definitely have used for their personal pleasure on an evening (you all know what I’m hinting at here).

For breakfast we all headed down to the continental breakfast buffet. Well it was a blooming good buffet. Everything I think I could possibly crave at 9am was there. From smoked salmon to doughnuts to fresh chopped fruit and of course a full English. On the downside the service was actually a bit slow and forgetful which isn’t really great at all and in a 7 star hotel. One does not want to be asking for their morning pick me up (latte) more than once to different waiters.

Next came the facilities. I don’t know if most of you know but the Burj has recently had a large attachment added to the rear (and no that’s not an innuendo). This new freestanding area had added two pools. One salt with an infinity view out into the gulf and one chlorinated pool with a bridge passing over it. The area around the salty water pool is covered in sand to create a beach in the ocean if you like. The pool also has a jacuzzi inside and shallow area complete with water sun loungers. Around the pools they also have some very lovely cabanas which guests can hire out. They come in two sizes. The smaller one has a seating area and Bang and Olufsen Tv housed in an air conditioned room with sun loungers sat in front. The larger and more expensive features that along with a balcony, wash area and seating area in front with a retractable electric sunshade over the sun loungers.

I very much enjoyed my time at the Burj Al Arab, it’s a building I’ve grown up looking up at while staying at the Mina A Salam – Madinat Jumeirah. But I must ask myself this, is the Burj Al Arab now becoming a bit dated? Yes the new extension has offered guests with a new set of luxury facilities but one must turn their attention to the decoration of the rooms. It may now be time I think that the Burj start channeling some money into remodelling the rooms and giving them a more 2016 look rather than an early naughties one. The rooms are magnificent I can’t deny that and so I leave the answer to my question in the hands of my educated readers.

Burj Al Arab Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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