Flying With The World’s Best Airline

Im currently sitting onboard the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER. This particular aircraft for my flight from Glasgow to Dubai today is only three years old, so very young in the fleet. Emirates is this year Skytrax’s Best Airline Of The year (2016).

Let me start with check-in. Emirates staff were very polite and wearing a smile with a speedy check-in process even though we hadn’t checked in online and were actually in the longer queue. Luckily thanks to the generous 30kg baggage allowance given in Emirates economy class my bag was with within the weight limits (just to point out for most other airlines I would’ve been paying excess baggage).
After a security I found myself in the Glasgow airport lounge which for the money is worth it, plenty of alcohol, an immense view of the airfield and Emirates parking stand and some comfy seats. However the Glasgow lounge could do with a bit of a clean (please note this is the Glasgow upper deck lounge not the Emirates lounge at Glasgow).

After a short wait they were ready to commence boarding, unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to get an upgrade… But maybe next time! But the boarding process it’s self was pretty swift. We were greeted by the famous Emirates red hats and smiles on board from all the crew. Before long we had pushed back and were winging our way to DXB (Dubai International Airport). The sky was still light so I got a lovely view of the Scottish coast line as we crossed the North Sea heading for Denmark’s airspace.


Emirates has been consecutively receiving Skytrax world’s best Inflight Entertainment System award. Well it is in my opinion the best IFE (inflight entertainment) in the sky! You have over 1,200 channels with a large selection of the latest movies from “Hollywood, Bollywood and beyond” to quote Emirates Airlines themselves. The system is very responsive and the screens are the biggest I’ve seen in economy with great picture quality; you’re captivated in a cinematic performance in the sky like no other experience in an economy cabin. The system also features a power port and USB port so you can charge your gadgets and see things from your mobile on your screen. Last but certainly not least my favourite feature is the small screen on the remote control. I often find myself itching to look at the Airshow while I’m watching a film, which for most airlines means coming out of my film and changing the channel. On Emirates this is not the case, you can see the Airshow at all times on the screen on the remote. Personally I think that’s a huge feat for Emirates and will get high praise from any aviation geek such as myself.

Next came the trolley service. For those who don’t know, a trolley service is basically your meal/drinks. They had a lovely smoked salmon and potato salad for starters. It’s great to have real fresh smoked salmon in Economy it really does give one the sense that you’re not flying cattle class. For the main I chose the chicken (and no the other option wasn’t turkey it was lamb). The chicken curry was lovely, full of flavour and mixed in with my rice it made a lovely meal I’d be happy to receive in a restaurant. For dessert it was a delicious crumble. I really did think the Emirates inflight meal was a culinary achievement in itself. After all one is used to thinking “give me either they’re both going to be disgusting and I probably will just eat the bread roll”. But for this economy cabin you want to pick an option believe me.

I’m just going to comment on one final thing and that’s the Emirates ambient lighting onboard. I’m sure you’ve all in this modern day flown long haul with ambient lighting onboard right? Same old different coloured light, whooppdie doo! Well on Emirates the ambient lighting system is programmed to mimic the sky at the destination you’re flying to. By that I mean if you’re onboard flying to Dubai and the sun is setting currently in Dubai but it’s still light looking out of that window, the lighting system is changing into a sunset. But the best is when it’s night time at your destination and the lights are deep purple/green and the ceiling is literally lit up with tiny lights to mimic a starry night! Honestly just wow! It really does help you to adjust to the timezone and what’s more it creates that more Luxury experience in an Economy class cabin.

Small note to all.

This next bit as you will understand as you read it was not written while I was still onboard. I’m sorry to say I don’t have a crystal ball , so I couldn’t write this part while in my seat. But read on and enjoy.

We were scheduled to arrive into Dubai at 00:45 and though we pushed back ten minutes late and after doing a once over in the holding stack we landed early at around 00:25. For those of you who don’t know a holding stack is basically when you’re circling near an airport and doing a gradual decent until that busy airport is ready for you to land. After landing to my surprise we were on a remote stand and not at the terminal so the airport must have been super busy. We had buses waiting for us to take us to the arrival halls and we disembarked quickly again to those red hats and smiles. Luckily for me, my Emirates experience wasn’t over and I was connecting onto their service to Malé in just under two hours. image

I would like to say a thank you to the fabulous crew for making economy class an actual class and not cattle class. I would also like to extend a huge well done to Emirates. The experience they give their passengers both on the ground and in the air from staff to food to IFE is absolutely outstanding! I for one can’t wait until I’m back onboard one of their aircraft.

Emirates Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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