Packing Your Cabin Bag

For my packing isn’t actually that stressful, I’m quite an organised person and so packing is really when I come into my element. But your Cabin bag in my opinion is the most important to pack properly.

Remember this is the bag that’s going to be with you your entire journey so it needs to be full of everything you might consider essential but also you don’t want it to be too heavy if it’s a rucksack, handbag or hold-all. This is simply because one, it’ll cause you some pain when you’re carrying around the terminal but more importantly you won’t be taking it onboard if it’s overweight.

So what do you pack? Well for starters make sure your wallet/purse, phone, charger are all in there. Next make sure you have your noise cancelling headphones (if you don’t have noise cancelling headphones you’re doing air travel all wrong). So those are your least heavy items. Now onto the heavier.

You’re going to need to put your travel wallet in with your air miles card, tickets and currency. Following that you probably want a book and your tablet or laptop; these are what will be keeping you entertained while you wait to board your aircraft or when onboard and the IFE system (inflight entertainment system) isn’t doing it for you anymore. If you’re carrying a laptop you’re probably best having a rolling cabin bag as laptops are the heaviest thing usually in your hand luggage and nobody wants a laptop hanging off their shoulder for too long.

Ok now it’s all the liquids. Please go and buy the sealed plastic bags before you find yourself at security. You’ll annoy yourself and everyone else if you spend 20 minutes trying to sort out your liquids while in the queue and the chances are you’ll have some expensive aftershave or makeup in there that you forget about and now you’re having to throw it away. So please pre pack all liquids into 100ml containers and get them in that resealable plastic bag when you’re at home. Trust me it will save you stress and heartache at the airport and also save you from any hate from your fellow passengers.

Also it’s important to have a suitable cabin bag. Nobody wants a cabin bag that’s going to break during travel because it’s not sturdy enough. Personally I use a Louis Vuitton hold-all 55 and Louis Vuitton travel wallet. The advantage of the Louis Vuitton is its sturdy but it’s soft sided so I can fit it into small spaces in the overhead locker that my rolling luggage. It can also be personalised so you know it’s yours and it makes it harder to loose in that big terminal and what’s more it’s highly stylish and fashionable so it’s got to be a must have.

Now this is possibly the best tip you’ll ever receive. When travelling on holiday on a night/early morning flight and you find yourself arriving at the hotel before that 2pm checkin time it’s very annoying because you need to go tearing up your case in the lobby to find your swimming costume and flip flops. So the answer is put flip flops and the swimming costume in the hand luggage and buy your suntan cream in duty free. That way you’ve saved money and you’re all ready to go the second you arrive at the hotel.


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