Loyal To The Langham


Nestled in the very heart of London is the very luxurious Langham Hotel. The building itself boasts beautiful Victoria architecture; opened in 1865 and built for the cost then of three hundred thousand pounds, it was the biggest hotel in the city. After the second world war it was occupied by the BBC who bought it outright in 1865. However in 1986 it was sold again and then new owners set on a challenge to restore the building to its former luxurious hotel status. It was very much a favoured spot by notable people such as HRH Princess Diana. And now it has become a favoured spot of myself.

Upon entry to the hotel you are greeted by a number of very polite Porters. The entrance to the hotel isn’t in fact very well pronounced. But after going through the revolving doors your breath will be taken away by the sheer beauty of the lobby. Upon visiting this week I noted something very wonderful to see and that was the hotel had implement something it called “Taxi Breakfast”. It was basically a stall where free tea coffee and biscuits were given to any waiting taxi drivers in front of the hotel. A brilliant idea.


Now after checkin, you will be taken to your room. Well if you’re in the west wing of the Hotel it is very much a Maze and to be honest it could maybe do with some better signage. I’m not exactly stupid but finding the room was a bit of a challenge especially since on that occasion we weren’t actually escorted the entire way to the room (if you’re not going to escort someone all the way to their room, please get someone else to do it and go read up on customer service expectations). However on this occasion we were in the East Wing of the hotel right by the Langham Club which I must say is on top for Hotel club lounges.

So the room was very systematically designed to keep it consistent to the Hotels history and original designs. The bathroom was a lovely size with a classic yet modern wash basin which looked stunning along with a shower come bath looking very sleek and clean. I can’t forget to mention the fact there was an ample number of towels and each one was soft to the touch. The room also featured a mirrored style bar built into the wardrobe with free tea and coffee. The bed was quite big with a very comfortable mattress and a beautiful oak back board. The room also came with a traditional oak desk and large victorian style chair to the right of the bed. All in all I couldn’t find any fault with the room, it was simply glorious.

Moving on to the Langham Club. Now the club is arranged beautifully with ample seating on either side of a central food serving area (which is for breakfast and afternoon tea). The club gives you unlimited alcohol and not just that the alcohol is of the higher brands. You can enjoy the likes of Grey Goose vodka and Laurent Perrier champagne. In all the staff are lovely and I give special mention to one such individual known as Norbert. I must note that Norbert is a leading example for all members of staff in the Hotel on how to deliver exemplary customer service, on all of my stays his level of service has not faltered.

I must conclude this post with a note to all and that is that if you’re staying in London and you want a luxurious hotel full of culture and History then there is no better place to stay than the Langham Hotel. It delivers History using beautifully preserved architecture on the outside through to traditionally inspired room designs. All of this comes with some very exceptional customer service which in the modern day is quite hard to find in London. Out of a possible five starts I’d have to give it the full five. You can’t get much better than what they offer.


The Langham Hotel London rating – ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️



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