Majorca By Day

Recently before Andy Murray, I took a trip to Majorca. For those of you who don’t know Majorca is a Spanish Island. It’s actually one of three islands collectively known as the Balearic Islands. The flight time from London Gatwick was just under two hours.

Now I’m used to staying in hotels like the Jumeirah ones but for this Holiday it was decided it would be an Airbnb holiday. So basically we rented someone’s flat for a week. But I shall do more on that in another post.

So Majorca what can I say? Sun, heat and history. Palma is the capital of the Island, a big city with lots of tourists. Our apartment was around 50 minutes away by bus so not too far to travel. When we got to Palma I think I was taken back by how different it was to what I was expecting, I was expecting a mass of tourists. It appeared that we had disembarked further back into the central part of the city away from the sea front and so it wasn’t lined with tourists.

We walked down towards the cathedral where we came across Palacio Real de La Almudaina. It’s basically an Arabian Fort that was claimed in the 14th century by the Spanish and became the official Royal residence. It’s not too expensive to get I especially if you’re a student. Inside its filled with many tapestrys and furniture. To me it was the pinnical really of why I love to Travel. I live for the history and culture different cities around the world give me. I learned a lot about Majorca. For one I didn’t even know it once held a royal residence.


The city itself by the sea front is very touristy and not the best but it was great to see the marina and all the yachts and cruise ships.

However not everything was touristy. I have a friend from Majorca who told me about a wonderful restaurant for the locals called S’Angel. By gee the food was delicious. I would recommend it to anyone. Good portions sizes and a good price all with a none tourist atmosphere what more could you want?

There are also a few could local squares in the city which are perfect to grab a few drinks and of course I can’t forget their gelato. We found a gelato shop called Giovanni L not far from the Cathederal and well… I’ve never had ice cream (well gelato) as good as that in all my life!

However we were residing in an area called Sa Torre which is a small area with a few bars and lots of houses. But the best part was down the cliff face were the most beautiful natural beaches I’ve seen in Europe. We spent a fair few days sunbathing away on a tiny isolated beach, (there’s nothing I hate more than a busy beach).

Though the best bit of all was standing at the top of the cliff looking out to sea and watching the sunset over the bay. Pure bliss.


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