Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

So a little over a month ago I had my birthday and my wonderful best friend decided to book us in for afternoon tea at the Ritz (this all stems from my love of the film Notting Hill; if you haven’t seen it, watch it now).

Now for starters we were dressed completely on point, I looked like Chuck Bass and she like Blair. However we decided the night before that we would get very drunk and have next to no sleep (all for my birthday celebrations though)  so arriving at the Ritz was an experience in itself. I don’t know if anyone has ever been but its set up so you enter into the Tea area from the side completely on display to all sat down. Well… my friend almost hit the deck from lack of food and drink, I mean she was almost on one knee she fell that far.

However after placing our coats in the cloakroom we were seated and given the menu. You can opt for the alcohol or non-alcohol menu (Alcohol includes a glass of processcco each), well thank god we had booked the non-alcohol menu or we would have been rolled out of the hotel.

They had a very large selection of herbal teas to choose from all served in traditional beautiful silver tea pots. I chose the lemon and it was quite honestly divine. Afterwards we were given a large selection of sandwiches of which we waffled down (we really needed those carbs to stay alive and my friend was close to fainting). After three plates of sandwiches came the scones and deserts. I could not face either… my friend was trying to force feed them to me but my stomach was screaming at me ” eat that and im going to cause a scene at this table” so the deserts were definitely not happening for me but from what my friend said they were delicious.

Overall it must be said that the service was of course impeccable and the uniforms of all the staff were incredible, so traditional and in line with the history of the Hotel. The Tea area itself was surrounded with beautiful architecture and a pianist playing in the back ground to create the appropriate classy ambience for the occasion. Definitely a fabulous place to go for any birthday if you’re as classy as us (which is almost impossible). A huge thank you to my best friend for taking me there!


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